martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Community speedpainting

Our dear Dean Pelton of Greendale of Community College. Such an awesome character deserved to be drawn. I'm a huge fan of this Tv show, in my opinion it's one of the best comedy sitcoms i've ever watched since Scrubs ended. I highly recommend it!!!

(Yeap, I don't have a clue how to draw chainsaws)

I've use the default brush of photoshop and 100 % opacity.


i'll draw some ref paintings from movies for practicing. hope i'll learn something from it!!

some will be more focused on backgrouns others on characters,  are supposed to be kind of speedpaintings (about 1h maybe 2h)

Portrait IV

What to do on such a boring afternoon? just practising a bit portraits and  the ilumination (it took me about 4h, no ref.)

I think i like more this version, even though it's less defined.

The final version....i'm not quite satisfied with the result, there is something not working but i can't figure it out, any suggestion?¿

Ameriquest Mortgage Company Advert II

Despite of being a lenders company they have a good sense of humor. Inspired by their commercials.

 I'm not sure if the image is quite understandable...any suggestions?¿

Gizmo - Sci·fi

An advert for Sci·fi channel about Gizmo show. I'm not absolutely sure about the writing any suggestion is welcome!¡

Ameriquest Mortgage Company Advert

Despite of being a lenders company they have a good sense of humor. Inspired by their commercials, i'll draw a few more. Here you can watch the videos.

I wanted to use a mixed style between UPA's cartoons (for backgrounds), the poster of Tiana's place (The Princess and the Frog) and Ratatouille's dvd menu background. 

Sketching vol.I

just experimenting a bit more with ink and watercolors.
i'm not very happy about the result...but it could always be worst ;)